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CAMELIA ‘s mission is to inspire, motivate, educate and create networks. Her goal is to help you create a roadmap that will get you from where you are today to where you want to be, starting from the resources and tools that you have in this moment.

With her Academy (IWA Wedding Coaching Academy ) she organizes courses for wedding pros including personal growth, mindset and specific tools to perform in the wedding industry.


She works one-on-one or in groups with event planners and entrepreneurs of all levels to help them to discover their true potential and create a powerful plan to improve their skills  and maximize profits for their specific activities.

Camelia’s IWA Wedding Coaching Academy will increase WEDDING BOOKINGS & REVENUE  and achieve success by:

  • Targeted personal and professional growth strategies

  • Leadership and management tools

  • Relationships and  communication skills

  • Social media marketing strategies









If you want to book an exciting speaker for your next event to inspire and motivate your audience you are in the right place.


Camelia Lambru is a strategic thinker and passionate about empowering others to succeed in business and she believes in the power of public speaking as a tool for helping others achieve their goals. 


As a business owners it’s important to set standards but even more importantly, to set goals that have measurable outcomes.


Sample Topics for Speaking Engagements

Growth Mindset Shifts for the Changing Global Market

Increasing Prices Without fear of Losing Bookings

Expand your Business Strategies

Achieve Brand Clarity and Create a Brand Reputation

Attract your Ideal Client

Define your Mission and Direction






Create The Business And Life You Deserve

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